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The Proverbial Horse, Water and the Salt of Life

Posted by Jeremy Brown on October 5, 2008

Dear Reader,

I pondered what the next entry should be and I came upon the best solution in my opinion.  It should start at a good beginning.  I know, right?  A remarkable bit of flow management, but perhaps I should say that I should start at the best beginning.  In my opinion that is education and for the military spouse that can lay in any number of directions.  For the Army Spouse in particular, I find that AFTB is a great start.  For the next few sessions we will be talking about education and in particular the AFTB program.  I would love to hear your feedback about the program.

For those of you unfamiliar with the program, AFTB (Army Family Team Building) was a program developed after the Gulf War by the Department of the Army when it was apprached by military spouses who expressed concerns about their own preparedness during that war.  It has evolved into a three tier program.  It begins with Level I, “Learn Army”.  It then moves to Level II “Grow” and then to Level III “Lead”.  Each level builds on the other and helps grow and develop the participant, not only in the Army Life but also as a professional and a person.  Look for the next few entries to highlight the levels as well as some other valuable education programs offered to military spouses for the best cost, FREE!

Of course that leads you to wonder about my title.  Well, along with the resiliency that I see in so many spouses there is, at times, a small (alright huge!) stubborn streak in them.  It reminds me of that adage about the horse and leading it to water.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”

Well, that is true, but life, especially military life can be very salty.  I can lead you there, but military life can make you want to take a drink.  So remember, if you lead the horse to water and it still won’t drink; feed it salt.

With Regards,

Jeremy Brown


4 Responses to “The Proverbial Horse, Water and the Salt of Life”

  1. Love this!

  2. Thanks for the support Lisa. Look for some more updates on AFTB and other education for military members and military spouses. Hit me up on Twitter and I’ll direct you to some of the local activities in our area.

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  4. Dayngr said

    That’s great. Your site is going to be a great resource.

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