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Three Must Have AFTB Classes

Posted by Jeremy Brown on October 9, 2008

As some of you will notice there have been some changes here are MilitaryAnswers.  On the advice of a friend, Brett McKay, of Art of Manliness fame, I have made some format changes.  Let me know if you like the canges (i.e. title, entry format, etc).  I appreciate all your comments!  On to the Three Must Have AFTB Classes:

In our last post we discussed AFTB (Army Family Team Building) and its value as one of the many free educational services offered to Servicemembers and their Families.  Keep in mind that just becuse it is ARMY Family Team Building that it is also open to othr service branches.

Lesson 1.1 – Expectations and Impact of the Mission on Family Life

What can I say, it is the most important lesson and its the first one in the whole program.  As a soldier your mission is drilled into you, but as a Spouse those lessons can be harded earned.  They are earned from GI Parties, late nights in the Motor Pool and many missed holidays!  I am not saying that with understanding there will be acceptance, but at least you will be well on your way.

Everyone knows that lists are subjective and perhaps you may be tempted to toss this one aside because of that.  I think everyone of the AFTB classes can improve your life, yet if you don’t have the time take these classes online or arrange a concept block with your local AFTB Program Manager.

Lesson 1.5 – Basic Military Benefits and Entitlements

Whether you are new to the life or an old hat it is important to be informed of what you are entitled to and what exactly is a benefit for you.  Remember that these things change frequently so it is a great refresher course.  Also check out MyArmyBenefits to get a good glimpse into what the military is giving you.  This class will cover questions like Tricare and its applicability to pre-existing conditions and many other nagging questions.

Lesson 1.6 – Introduction to Military and Civilian Community Resources

Once you have become educated on what you have a right to request; you will need to know where to go to request those services.  This is a great class for the new to the Army or even just new to a Post.  It will outline what is available to you Army wide as well as post and community wide to serve you as a Family member or Servicemember.  Hopefully it will introduce you to the Community Action Council meeting and its dates and times.  Look for more information soon!

I welcome all your comments, diggs, stumbles and tweets!


6 Responses to “Three Must Have AFTB Classes”

  1. Esther said

    Great blog Jer, I bookmarked it and as soon as I get to SA after the wedding, I’ll try to find out where to take this class on post. You rock!

  2. Re: Esther

    Not a problem and when you get settled give me a call. I know some of the instructors there and I would be glad to call so we can find out when the next classes are. Remember that you can also take them at My Army Life Too in my Military Family links section.

  3. household 6 hooah said

    AFTB is one of the best classes that spouses can take. Whenever I meet a new Army spouse — or even one that doesn’t seem to know many of the things that I learned — I recommend AFTB. Some think it’s just the same old stuff, but it’s a way of being empowered to take care of yourself while hubby is deployed. Knowledge is Power!

  4. Re: Household 6 Hooah

    Our local AFTB has the motto “Empowering Army Families!” Actually I am leaving soon to go attend an Instructor Graduation.

  5. I wish my mom had taken a class like this when my dad was in the field. I just remember missing him during the summers when he was doing officer training. I didn’t have any tools for dealing with it.

  6. Re: Backpacking Dad

    They now have begun implementing Teen and Middle School aged classes as the realization that the Army as a whole needs the help.

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